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Many women have problems with pregnancy, and as the pregnancy progresses, the tummy gets bigger and the symptoms increase. More common is pregnancy lumbago, no matter standing, sitting, or lying down, will burst of pain, not only in the body and psychological, to pregnant mother caused a certain injury, but also affect the normal life.

So, what causes lumbago during pregnancy? How should pregnant mother alleviate again?

Causes of low back pain during pregnancy

After the female is pregnant, uterus increases slowly, make lumbar support force also increases ceaselessly, uterine round ligament because be pulled for long time and flabby, sacrospinous ligament is flabby, oppressive pelvic nerve, hemal, so pregnant mother can feel lumbar acerb backache. In addition, in pregnancy, fetal development needs adequate calcium, phosphorus and other nutrients, if not enough to supplement, will also lead to maternal bone softening calcium, causing back pain.

How does pregnant lumbago alleviate

1, pay attention to calcium

Pregnancy in addition to their own calcium needs, baby bone development also needs a lot of calcium, if the pregnant mother intake of calcium is not enough, it is easy to appear loose teeth, lumbar acid leg pain symptoms. So pregnant mothers should eat more calcium-containing food, such as dairy products, soy, nuts, and so on, should also pay attention to the sun often, to help promote the absorption of calcium.

Control your weight

Many pregnant mothers blindly take supplements during pregnancy, which will lead to excessive weight gain, increase the burden on the waist, and increase the risk of gestational diabetes, which is not conducive to the health of pregnant mothers and babies. Therefore, pregnant mothers in pregnancy had better be able to balance the diet, control the weight.

3. Exercise

Pregnant mother in pregnancy appropriate to do some exercise, is also a lot of benefits. You can choose to walk in the park every day, swim 1 or 2 times a week, or choose to learn a suitable set of yoga for pregnant women, do yoga every day, exercise. All of these exercises are great for relieving the pressure on the lower back and relieving the symptoms of low back pain during pregnancy.

4. Hot compress and massage

Prospective father can do massage to pregnant mother, alleviate the lumbago symptom of pregnant mother. When massaging 5 fingers and come together, put in hind lumbar ministry respectively on both sides, palm heart is inward, up and down slow knead, till this place is calorific till. At the same time pregnant mother can also do local hot compress, every day with hot towel apply in the waist about half an hour, can effectively alleviate lumbago.

5. Maintain correct sitting, standing and walking posture

From the beginning of pregnancy, pregnant mother will maintain a good posture of sitting, standing, walking, which can effectively alleviate pregnancy lumbago.

Correct sitting position: pregnant mother should choose cushion for leaning on to compare soft chair, and want to prepare a short small bench, when sitting, put two feet up, can effectively promote the blood circulation of leg ministry so.

Correct standing posture: pregnant mothers should avoid long standing, if need to stand for a long time, should stand two feet in front of one after, and every few minutes to change the position before and after, so that the weight on the extended front leg.

Correct walking posture: pregnant mother in the walk, should be back straight, head up, tight hips, heel first landing, foot step solid, maintain balance. When walking, do not be too hasty, do not forward prominent abdomen, if there is a handrail or railing, can help walking.

Pregnancy is a difficult process, if there are uncomfortable symptoms, pregnant mother must not be careless, to tell more family, communication, do not try to endure, so not only is not conducive to pregnant mother's physical and psychological health, but also hurt the belly of the fetus baby.

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